Good Harbor Advisors, Inc. has been helping individuals, families, businesses, and charitable organizations develop financial strategies in alignment with individual needs and goals since 2005.

Our mission is to help people feel confident about their finances by making professional financial advice and investment services accessible and understandable. 

As your active financial partner, we evaluate all aspects of your financial world and develop a plan to support and guide you through life's changes and challenges. We deliver personalized service and strategies based on each client’s individual needs and goals. Beyond making sure that your plan and investment strategy stay on course, we help you understand the reasoning behind our recommendations and see the bigger picture, so you can feel more confident in your decision-making.

An Independent Financial Services Firm and Registered Investment Advisor 

The Good Harbor Advisors team does not work with quotas. We are not tied to a specific family of funds or investment vehicles. This means that we are able to choose from a wide range of investment options and tailor our advice based on what’s best for your unique financial situation, goals, and special considerations.

Comprehensive Financial Health 

As an integrated resource for financial planning, wealth management, and tax planning, we can integrate your finances with expert tax strategies to make sure that all the elements of your financial world are working effectively, in your best interest. Changing regulations, laws, and tax codes can be confusing. We want you to understand the potential impacts of financial decisions before you take them so that you can weigh your options in a timely manner and make informed choices.

Let's make sure that your course is set, and you are moving toward your goals. 

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