Your Partner in Planning & Investing

We want you to feel as confident about your finances as we do. With a strong financial plan and an active team, you'll have greater visibility in navigating your life now and in the future.

A financial plan is a powerful tool. In fact, we believe it is the most important chart in navigating your financial world. Your plan should be in plain sight when contemplating life’s financial decisions. This focus keeps you moving toward your goals.

At Good Harbor Advisors, we draw on years of experience to customize a plan tailored to your needs. As your active financial partner, we evaluate all aspects of your financial world and develop a plan to support and guide you through life's changes and challenges.

As you make decisions, set goals, or face unexpected challenges we stand with you. Our integrated financial planning, wealth management and tax planning services help smooth your course in changing currents and unforeseen headwinds. With your retirement in view, we remain alert for the journey, checking that you are making way toward your destination.

You may be asking...

  • When can I retire?
  • How do I create a stream of income that lasts in retirement? 
  • Can I afford to send my children to college?
  • Do I have enough life insurance for my family?
  • How can I get the most out of my 401(k), IRAs or other retirement plans?
  • Am I saving enough for all my financial needs?

We will answer all of your questions with you.

Your Financial Plan and Investment Strategy May Evolve as Your Life Changes

Throughout life, our priorities and circumstances change and as a result, goals may shift. It’s essential that your plan and investments evolve to align with these changes, otherwise you and your family may veer off-course without knowing it.

It’s important to us to stay in communication with you over the long-term. When situations arise, we can support and advise you. 

As your active financial partner, we regularly review your portfolio and make adjustments as needed. When you are contemplating big decisions or experiencing life changes, we work with you to understand the potential impact on your financial plan. How will it affect your tax burden? Should your investment strategy change?

Are you on the best course to reach your goals with your current financial strategy and investments? 

Contact us for a complimentary review of your financial plan and portfolio.